An inlay is a custom-made ceramic block that replaces amalgams (grey fillings) and composites (white fillings) on molars or premolars.

The ceramic used restores 90% of the original force to the tooth and is the material that most closely resembles tooth enamel in terms of esthetics and hardness.


CEREC Inlays

Rather than send the manufacture of the inlay to an external laboratory, we can do it on site with CEREC technology. This allows the dentist to design the inlay on his computer, mill the inlay in minutes at the clinic from a ceramic block and install the inlay in the patient’s mouth in a single visit.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is the acronym for CEramic REConstruction. CEREC is a technology using both computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing that allows dentists to perform dental restorations in a single session.

For more information on inlays, please ask your dentist.