Full Dentures

Dentists are qualified to recommend, design and produce full, removable dentures. Designing a dental prosthesis usually takes several appointments.

Prothèses complètes

Maintenance of Full Dentures

Brush your dentures after each meal to eliminate bacteria. Use a soft toothbrush and denture toothpaste or mild antibacterial soap. Never clean your dentures with bleach – not only is it toxic, it will also damage your dentures. Let your dentures soak in water or another appropriate liquid overnight. Never sleep with your dentures in; your gums need to relax and oxygenate at night. Denture wearers should brush their gums every day to stimulate the tissue and reduce bacterial film.

For More Information on Full Dentures

If you have any questions or experience any discomfort or pain, please contact your dentist for advice. You can also view the short video below.