Dental Crowns

A crown strengthens the teeth and addresses esthetic concerns. Made from metal and porcelain, it covers the tooth completely. It is one solution for repairing a tooth damaged by decay or a defective restoration, or after a root canal.

Dental Crowns Manufactured at an Outside Laboratory

Two appointments are required when crowns are sent to an outside lab for manufacturing. At the end of the first appointment, a temporary crown is installed. During the second appointment, the temporary crown is replaced by the one manufactured at the lab.

Single Visit Dental Crowns Manufactured Using CEREC

The CEREC technology is available to dentists working at Drs Dents. It allows them to obtain a digital impression of the tooth, to design the crown and to manufacture it at the clinic in less than 15 minutes.

Avantages of using CEREC for patients

  • A single visit to the clinic;
  • A digital impression of the tooth avoiding the impression paste;
  • The temporary crown is unnecessary;
  • Only one local anesthesia.

Manufacturing a Dental Crown with CEREC Technology

NB: CEREC is the acronym of “CEramic REConstruction“.

For more information on dental crowns, please ask your dentist or watch the video below.