Anti-snoring Device

Snoring is extremely bothersome. It interferes with sleep and plays a role in daytime drowsiness. It also fosters the development of sleep apnea. Some people snore occasionally (1 or 2 nights a week) while others snore habitually (almost every night). For habitual snorers, the problem gradually becomes chronic and then pathological, with the risk of developing sleep apnea syndrome as they age.

Possible Health Effects

  • Drowsiness and intense need to sleep during the day
  • Headaches or abnormal fatigue on waking
  • Poor concentration and attention
  • Memory loss or failure
  • Sore throat on waking
  • Impact on partner’s sleep
  • High blood pressure

Snoring can mask a very serious condition called sleep apnea. For that reason, it is important to rule out the possibility of this type of condition before you seek treatment for your snoring.

For more details on snoring devices, please ask your dentist.