After an Endodontic Treatment

To avoid burns or bites, wait for the anesthesia to wear off completely before eating.

It is completely normal to feel some discomfort during the first three to four days after your root canal, especially when you eat hard food. The tooth can sometimes remain sensitive after treatment, even if it was not particularly sensitive before.

If you were prescribed antibiotics, it is imperative that you take them every day as prescribed. Even if the pain disappears, continue taking the medication until the last tablet.

If the tooth remains excessively sensitive for longer than a week, please call the clinic to let us know.

If the restoration is not performed during the same appointment, it is very important to schedule another appointment as soon as possible to preserve the tooth or ensure it remains in good condition.

N.B.: After a root canal, a porcelain dental restoration covering the entire tooth is often prescribed. This type of restoration helps lower the risk of a fracture.